Everything about the PS4

Everything you need to know about the PlayStation 4 and all the latest PS4 News

General PlayStation 4

  1. PlayStation 4 Hardware & Specs
  2. PlayStation 4 Controller
  3. PlayStation 4 Release Date
  4. PlayStation 4 Price
  5. PlayStation 4 Region Free

PlayStation Network

  1. PlayStation 4 PSN: Play Games before they’re fully Downloaded!
  2. PlayStation 4 Backward Compatibility 
  3. PlayStation 4 Share
  4. PlayStation 4′s Second Screen
  5. PlayStation 4 Download Prediction

PlayStation 4 Games

  1. Official Launch Line-up
  2. PS4 Games List

Latest Playstation 4 News

6 thoughts on “Everything about the PS4

  1. carlos

    how do you turn on the ps4 is it like the xbox one? having to say ps4 on cuz im not a fan of the xbox but how do u turn this on and will enternet b like the ps3 or do we haf to check in like the xbox witch i realy hate but i need more infor

  2. carlos

    oh and i hate how you haf to pay to play online thats one thing that kept my from the 360 now it might keep me from ps4 to:/ i hope that changes

  3. paul

    i had a question on ps4 when i play online on the new ps4 can i use my username i have right now for the ps3 or will i have to create a new username on ps4 to play online

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