PlayStation 4 Backwards Compatibility

By | February 21, 2013

PS4 Compatibility

PlayStation 4 users will be unable to play their games from the past generations of the Sony consoles directly from their disc however, they will be able to access games from PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 via cloud thanks to the new Gaikai streaming service. David Perry from Gaikai told the audience of the Sony Conference that games will roll out in different phases giving no indication of what range of games will be available or whether the game quality from past generations will be high or not.

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11 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Backwards Compatibility

  1. ShunShin

    meh.. im getting a PS3 -.-
    a PS that cant play games from previous consoles isnt worth it for me. ive got too many PS2 and PS1 games for that -.-

  2. Comet884

    So you can’t play ps3 games from the disc, but you can buy them in the psn store on it? Can you play online on those purchased ps3 games?

  3. Loris

    Hello, I’m interested in whether the power of the ps3 controller used on the PS4? Thanks

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  5. TJ

    Will it be free on the store if we’ve got the disc for the game, or do we need to rebuy it on the store.

    Will we have to rebuy games we’ve already bought on the PS store

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