Little Big Planet 3

By | December 12, 2010

Little Big Planet was introduced to Playstation users on the 27th of October 2007. LBP snapped up the Game of the Year award, this led to a special edition of the game which hit the shelves in North America on the 8th of September 2009 and later on in Europe on 6 April 2010. The second edition in the series will become available in stores on the 18th of January 2011

As you may already know, Little Big Planet is a Playstation exclusive. Of course, there’s been no release date set for Little Big Planet 3 but it’s more than likely that due to the success of the past games that a LBP 3 will be scheduled for release in 2012 the same year the Playstation 4 is rumoured to become available. So, can we expect Little Big Planet 3 to join the PS4 as special bundles? Feel free to comment and drop any rumours, we’ll update the thread when more news becomes available.

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12 thoughts on “Little Big Planet 3

  1. sackboy123

    uhhh.. what about on a ps3?I want it on a ps3!I don’t have enough money to efford it.Ps. Lbp Rocks.

    1. mylbp

      It will not be for ps3 by which the ps4 will arrive in 2013 and a lot of people will want to buy as soon as the ps4,probably will not do for ps3 by money. Yeah, that`s what I think

  2. Tom

    i hope it does lbp is insane. im new on this. oo look at all those smileys :?: :razz: :sad: :smile: :oops: :grin: :eek: :shock: :???: :cool: :lol: :mad: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :idea: :arrow: :neutral: :cry: :mrgreen:

  3. Nara

    pana xana sarew burlynó kuyr dsa LBP3 nfa saf lamuti daseou LBP2 brolst tumianinu . LBP frastasdefreg krunotrog ! (ognes derum juesa zazerin kra-bas!!! ) kre – NaraK7 … frei xazdertum ba!

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